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I feel empty... not just because I haven't eaten much lately.
Lucy and I got into a fight last night. I don't even know what happened. All my friends left Paddy Long's and she was talking to Cristina. Since the only one of her friends who was there that I enjoy talking to was Christina (different person), I figured I'd talk to her. Lucy said this went on all night when in reality our conversation lasted 30 or 40 minutes. Christina went to the bathroom and I saw Lucy acting strange but didn't feel like dealing with bullshit. After I went to the bathroom, I walked outside and called my mom. According to Lucy, I left with Christina. What I can only assume had happened was that Lucy said something to Christina, or gave her the cold shoulder. I make this assumption because of the way Christina abruptly left, probably without saying goodbye.
Five minutes after Christina left, I walked in the direction she had gone. I wanted to see what was going on and apologize one behalf of an irrational girlfriend. I didn't see her, though, so I went to Lucy's house and sat on her front steps. She came home with Steven and he went to bed. She and I talked, she said she was jealous, and I said that being jealous was ridiculous. I told her I wanted to go home. She said if I did then I should consider our relationship over. I said okay, went downstairs, and grabbed some of my stuff. When I tried to leave, she blocked the door. I gave up pretty quickly and left out the back door. I planned on leaving through the garage but figured it'd be easier going around the side of the house. I didn't anticipate a locked gate (for some reason... I think I had been aware of it at some point). It was fun to scale, especially because accomplishing things that are slightly challenging is especially fun when drunk.
Whatever. I'm angry. So what. I just want to buy a motorcycle and have all my worries be about whether or not I'll be paralyzed after I get hit by a car.
Oh, so after I scaled the fence I ran into Lucy by 7-11. I walked by, bought an Arnold Palmer, I walked back to the vespa I borrowed from my mom. I proceeded to drive the Wicker Park and hang out with Christina (different one whom has not been mentioned yet). Funny story, huh?

7:35 p.m. - Friday, Aug. 06, 2010


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