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Getting lots of action lately, eh diary? That's cool. I'm not so far off myself. So I suppose I'll take the segue and run with it.
There's nothing better than a healthy diet. Well, so far as I've come across. When I smoke lots of cigarettes or drink lots of beer on a regular basis, my diet goes down the drain. There's a balance there, one in which I occasionally allow to tip to one side before that momentum pushes back to the other side. It's fun and wild and all but it gets very exhausting. For instance, smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for three months only to quit cold turkey (not talking about deli meat here) must do wonders for my heart.
So anyways, one thing I've noticed, which is obvious to most (myself included, though it still comes as some kind of profound revelation when you lean first-hand) is the effect that a lack of drugs and alcohol has on my body. For instance, I can now read a book over the course of a few days and remember what it's about, which is to say that my train of thought is more like the red line during rush hour than the green line at midnight.
Since there I do believe in the dichotomy of mind and body, to an extent, it is worth mentioning the physical aspects of a healthier diet. But here's where it's very simple: the mind tends to deteriorate with the body (naturally, that is. throw in a physically debilitating disease and your mind may be left unscathed, and vice versa). That said, the rest may be implied. Whatever. Here it is:
Physically, I can ride my bike all day and be ready to go again the next day. Pretty cool. Running takes a bigger toll, but I expect that to level out with a consistent schedule.
Well, I'm in my last ten minutes of work so I suppose this should be wrapped up.
The point of this entry is to serve as a reminder to a future Scott who may consider going on a bender, or picking up cigarettes again. I'm just gonna lay it on you, Scott: if you go back you may never recover. That's right.

1:51 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2010


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