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Day 1

It has become clear to me that this diary has reached it's peak (as far as top number of viewers goes) long, long ago. But, regardless, though I never thought the forces of the universe would conspire on my behalf to make this possible, I have come across a legitimate job where I am paid, for the most part, to sit in front of a computer and play music while writing about the trivial things that come to mind in an attempt to pass the time, all while being very conscious of the hours I have spent at other jobs where sitting down was a treat afforded almost exclusively to the managers and those on quick, regimented breaks. Now I'm out of that game. I'm free to the point where I can play Konstantine without shame while sitting down, enjoying a previously warm cup of coffee while creating run-on sentences that my composition teacher would be ashamed to see me produce.
Elliott Smith is playing now. This all seems to typical. Who doesn't play Elliott Smith when they're behind the music at a coffee shopped that doesn't have corporate sponsorship? It's okay, though, because now I have 16 of Otis Redding's finest recordings lined up.
Earlier today I was thinking I'd open a special website dedicated to my thoughts and feelings and observations while sitting through various six hour shifts at this job. Now I realize that that course of action would be superfluous as it would unnecessarily spread my entries even thinner over the internet, not to mention the fact that these "new" entries, thus far, show no sign of deviation from my previous method and topics of writing. Very stream of thought. Ha. Right. That's a romantic way of saying that I don't like to proofread my writing. Is that how Cormac does it? Do we have that dislike in common? I like to think not. That dude's gotta be at least 70. If he can be "the best modern American writer" and have had a few of his books made into worth-watching movies then I doubt he is on a level of laziness even near mine.
Speaking of lazy: yesterday I woke up, went to work, watched a movie, and went to bed. And then I slept for about 12 hours for the second consecutive night. Beautiful. Or, terrible. Doing nothing wears me out. I have school Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those are particularly exhausting as one of my two classes is spent trying to stay awake. I've been leaving early, lately. In that regard, college really is tough.

5:05 p.m. - Saturday, Jun. 26, 2010


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