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Somewhat Corresponding Pros and Cons


1. I'm broke
2. My girlfriend decided to make out with some other dude. Now it's up to me to break up with her or to not break up with her. My streak of never-being-broken-up-with lives on, unfortunately. I thought this would be the one.
3. I don't know if I'll pass all my classes this semester. Namely, I don't know if I'll pass my math class this semester.
4. I feel like the only friends I have are only out to drink.
5. I haven't bought a meal at a restaurant in quite some time.
6. I deleted my Facebook, consequently making me less of a creep.


1. I have all my favorite records, three awesome guitars, a sweet amp, several books I have yet to read, a bike in great shape, and an unopened bottle of bourbon.
2. I had been waiting for something like that to happen. Although it's going to end up being my choice to end this beast, the whole thing has allowed this week to be one of my most productive in quite some time.
3. I've read a ton of books in the past month. I've also worked on a few songs, watched some cool movies, and I've been writing on a regular basis again.
4. Drinking's fun, but then I don't feel like doing anything the next day. And I tend to smoke cigarettes when I drink, which eventually carries over to when I'm not drinking. Which leaves me even more broke and less healthy.
5. I haven't bought a meal at a restaurant in quite some time. I've been eating at home a lot. Tons of avocados, bagels, ham sandwiches, cereal...
6. I deleted my Facebook. I get more stuff done and I don't pay attention to people I wasn't really friends with in the first place. Those other, "real" friends of mine tend to have my phone number.

12:48 p.m. - Monday, May. 03, 2010


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