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Panic. for Andy.

I walked down the stairs after punching in and heard Andy complaining to some girl as I walked by the bakery. Katherine, my boss, told me it was my day to do carts-- again. Second day in a row. Damnit.
I brought back my first batch of carts when the mean old [person](I'm almost positive it's a girl but I'm not always sure) told me to direct the ambulance to the front of Whole Foods if I saw one. I immediately thought back to Andy complaining and knew this ambulance was for him.
The ambulance came a few minutes later, loud sirens and all. Sure enough, Andy waddled out and was led into the side, which ultimately led to the ambulances' back.
A group of girls walked by Whole Foods in the midst of the situation and they acted typical. A dog surprised the fuck out of them by barking as if to attack when they passed by. Of course they screamed, then laughed. They laughed within 10 feet of the ambulance, and Andy was probably dying. I didn't know. For some reason I kept thinking it was internal bleeding. I felt like shooting those girls through their eyes. Employees with worried expressions are standing around an ambulance and still people rudely come up to me and hold out their hand for a cart. I wanted to hit them kind of hard. What if he was going to die? Or what if he never came back to work? If were him, I would want all those people to shut the fuck up and stop acting typical.
The scene cleared within 15 minutes and I was left with my thoughts and my tired feet to keep collecting carts. I thought I was going to cry, which would have been a relief. I thought that finally this would break my seal and I would be able to let go. But no. No such fucking luck.

Later, as I was still collecting carts, I saw Andy walking back to work. I asked him and he told me he got stung by a bee. No big deal, I guess. He's extremely allergic, as he told us at the orientation thing, but it wasn't life-threatening.
Life-threatening or not, some people need to be quiet some times.

It's too late. I should go do homework.

12:00 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 18, 2004


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