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Have a good evening.

I peed on my "other" side, meaning I reclaimed it.
Speaking of 'reclaiming', I completely reclaimed life. Completely. Friday I hung out with Chris, Grace and Sagan. We saw 'I *heart* Huckabees'. It was fun making fun of Mike's mother, Loretta.
I got home from that deal and got upset and angry and dissappointed because of my dwindling chances of seeing Explosions in the Sky that night. I begged everyone I could think of, and finally Kevin came through. I bribed him by saying I'd pay for half his ticket. I don't know if he remembered me saying that, but he borrowed $6 to buy a shirt. I won't let him pay me back if he tries.
Corey, from work, was at the show as well. He said it was the best show he had seen in a long time, and that everyone after the show was saying the same thing. I really liked them, and thought they played the hell out of their instruments, especially the guitarist all the way stage left. I guess I just wasn't as impressed as everyone else, though. I'm too weak to see a full set of music from a headlining band that doesn't sing. They'd be awesome as one of the opening bands, though. No offense.
So what I've already written... that's more people than I usually see [outside of school] every two weeks. Crazy. Got crazier last night, though, because I went to the party Vi had been mentioning about all week. The party was broken up within half an hour because some girl said she called the cops. I thought it was bullshit but they did come a long time later. Some girls older brother came in not long after people started leaving and said he was an off-duty cop. The flashlight he had convinced me.
We walked Vi's friend Yale to her mom's car. She was having trouble because it was her first time!(Elisa) getting drunk. I was first introduced to her while she was hunched over the toilet; she then proceeded to grope my foot.
Desiree came into the picture somewhere there and we met Zach, from France, and Steven Daley, from Lincoln Park. Steven Daley knows Bo, Tully, Ben Newman, and a few others. Nina too, I think. All those LaSalle kids.
Desiree and I split a pizza when we got back to the house(which was inhabited by Vi's friend Alexandra, who is hilarious). I also met some Northsider named Charlie, and he knows Alex Tinkovisch. Also, another girl from Northside was there, and she knows Keaton, from Whitney. Her name was, and still is, Candice(but not pronounced the traditional way. it's more like candeece). She was also nice.
So the actual party really blew nuts, but afterwards was definitely worth sticking around for. I drank about four beers, but I only opened one. I was the person that every party needs-- I drank the hardly-empty-but-already-opened beers. I don't waste. Something in my stomach tells me that the pepperoni pizza we ordered was no good at all.
During our chatting time thing, I befriended Alex's dog. I think her name is Mary. She is in love with me. I would be, too, especially after all thar crust I gave her.
Charlie drove Vi and Desiree to Vi's house and the other kids left, too, except for me, Alex(andra), and Candice. We picked up a little then hung out upstairs with a deck of cards. Candice fell asleep after she raped us in BS, so Alexandra and I decided to try to get into her dreams. It didn't really work, but she was talking non-sense after a while. Something about equations of parties...
We pretty much stayed up all night talking while I sipped on a Diet Coke. I swear to God, if I lose any more weight I will disintegrate in a gust of wind.

So I got a lot done, which is so good for me. I still need to practice guitar more, and see more people, but I have time. I'm going to Hellogoodbye this Friday, and lots of other people are going, to. Kevin, Vi, Alex, probably Desiree, then any people they bring. That's a lot of people for me.
Maybe I should have some people come over to me house.
Saturday is Armor for Sleep at the Bottom Lounge. I desperately want to go, but that'll take the convincing of someone at work to switch schedules with me. Hopefully Antonio will.
By the way, is anybody going to that Northstar/ Straylight Run/ Say Anything/ Hot Rod Circuit show a week from this weekend? You should.

Alright, I should go nap until I have to go to work.

9:22 a.m. - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2004


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