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Mariners Hat

I am feeling suave as hell, and have been since about 2:30 this afternoon, when I got a haircut. The haircut isn't the cause of my coolness this evening. It is my Seattle Mariners hat that I reclaimed from Micah's closet on Friday. I can now wear it, complete with my dorky haircut, without sideburns popping out everywhere. Those sideburns I had could do what they wanted, when they wanted, and I couldn't control a thing. The hat is the hat that was given to me at the beginning of my last year playing baseball at Welles Park. My coach was some fat guy who thought he had the game all figured out. It's hard to respect a man who can't play the game himself, but that's just me. The hat is the same one I was wearing on May 3rd of 2002. I had a soccer game that day and I aplyed Zach, I think. I was on the Purple team, Zach on Blue. Tully was on my team. That was the year, my last year, that they got the Boys and Girls teams shorts mixed up. Our shorts were insanely small. David Kassin was also on the team. I hate David Kassin. I didn't have an actual pair of soccer shoes all year, so I used my blue Emerica shoes, instead. After the game, Zach cam up to me and invited me to see Mest(haha) and Something Corporate(whom he laughed at). Danny(Commes) was also going. I had met Danny maybe once before. I remember Danny being an idiot, because he bragged about his brother being within 10 rows of touching Weezer. Danny and Zach had met Weezer at TowerŪ. I had too, but seperate from Zach and Danny. Alone, in fact. At the show, we saw 3 or 4 of Something Corporates set, including PunkRock Princess and iF U C Jordan. They were awesome, to say the least. Between their set and Mest's, we met Andrew of SoCo as he was getting into their small van to drive to Wisconsin. Milwaukee. He signed Zach's pants and, because I had nothing else, the inside of my Mariners hat. I tried to get the signature out at Great America that June, the June where I decided to go to Great America instead of see my Uncle Billy for the last time, but it didn't work. I left the hat at Micah's somewhere in August of 2002, as I did with my Bulls hat, and it has come back to me with stories to tell.

11:19 p.m. - Sunday, Oct. 12, 2003


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