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I truly believe that you are more than this.

Today was interesting, which is a step up from 'hellish'. School was normal. Senior Brian talked to me before 2nd to ask me if I was working today and if I could tell Rob something. I still swear that that kid hates me.
I got in some more jokes about Mike's mom during lunch, and Dave and I found her name on some info-sheet about Mike's dad. Her name is Loretta. I owe Mike all of this for what he says about my mom.
Chris, Grace and I went to that Nordstrom building after 8th, and Sagan eventually met us there. I drew a picture of Sagan, complete with Heaven, Hell, the ocean, a shark, a beaver, clouds, Satan, and the hand of God. It was exciting.
We went to River East after Sagan finished her milkshake from Potbelly's. I complained a lot because we were going to see I *heart* Huckabees, and the name didn't sound too appetizing. The move wasn't too bad, but it wasn't too good, either. Dustin Hoffman got fat and the lead actor kind of bothered me.
I got home and, after yelling at my brother for being in a bad mood, I tried to find someone to go to Explosions in the Sky with me. Finally I found someone; Kevin. He got there before me and said that the first band was good. I saw the second band's full set and it was really boring. It's the kind of music I nap too, with acoustic guitars and "soft" instruments. These guys also had the English and Scottish accents going on, too. Kevin ended up leaving around 10:30, and I was picked up a little under half an hour later.
Tomorrow I will, hopefully, see Zach and Vi, and everyone else I know going to Vi's friend's party. She said Tully's going. I hope he isn't mad at me for that band that never came together last May. (he was mad at Danny...)
Right now I feel fine, I guess. I'm drinking a Pepsi and eating a cupcake, listening to The Lawrence Arms' 'Nebraska'. This song is so good.
Time to make a few phone calls.

12:55 a.m. - Saturday, Oct. 16, 2004


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