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Christmas in School

Ok, today was great. I woke up, and had showered and gotten dressed. Before I could brush my teeth, Sarah came to the door. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't disappointed at all, I just had to keep a bit of distance. She got me Less Talk, More Rock by Propagandhi. I'm lovin' it while I'm hating bad slogans at the same time. I got her YSKOV!(which I still haven't finished...)

Then I left the house around 8:40 to go to the dentist. It was fun if you count out the fact that the dentist was a moron. She treated me like I was fucking 7 years old and had just bruised my knee. Fucker. Fuck her.

I went home after the dentist to get my water(or, to get out of taking a test I would've failed.) My mouth felt so clean from the dentist and I was in a fantastic mood. I even gave some homeless guy 50 cents, which only happens when I'm in that good a mood, and around the holidays. And because he asked for 20 cents, so I really was being sort of generous. Not at all, though.

I got to school like 10 minutes before the bell starting my lunch rang. Grace was out a little early, so I talked to her until the bell. When the bell rang, we waited for Micah and Sagan. Then we got to the present-exchanging:

I opened one of Grace's first because it was closest to me. It was a tickle-me Elmo. Elmo's gonna help keep the Pup company on my bed when no one else is home. I've always referred to Puppy as a boy, but that could be changed to better suit Elmo... haha. Grace also got me some of those glow-in-the-dark stars for me to put on my wall. They're gonna look so cool if I don't throw them up. I'll make sure they look good. Then I opened Sagan's. I now have a new favorite pair of pajama pants. They have the Smacks logo all over them. So cool. I haven't tried them on yet, though. The size looks perfect though. If there is a perfect size of pants for me...

It was the best. Then after school we(Micah and Grace and I) went to Potbelly's. I got the regular. Then we went to Micah's to watch the Simpson's Halloween dvd I got for Grace(along with a barrel of monkeys. I got Sagan the new Dashboard cd, and a burned copy of Fallow(the weakerthans), and Micah some blank cd's.) It was really fun. I have fun when Grace/Sagan/Karen(mix and match) are at Micah's house. Also, we're going Karen-ing tomorrow. I'm excited. And on Saturday I'm hanging out with Mindy. I really hope this weekend doesn't suck too much. Or at all, if possible. These past few weeks of my-- well, life I guess-- have been so exciting and fun and worry-free, almost.

but one girl i liked has faded from view--maybe forever-- while another has come dashing back... unintentionally all the way. I can't wait until Christmas. It's gonna be awkward. Also I can almost guarantee that Karen and Kelsey will enjoy their presents to some extent. I like giving enjoyable presents, even if it really is only to a certain extent.

9:50 p.m. - Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003


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