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\"True American\" Essay

Just before I started to write this essay, I was talking to my brother. Towards the end of our conversation, I mentioned I had to write this essay on what a ďTrue AmericanĒ means to me. He asked for what my thoughts were, and I told him: self-centered, spoiled, paranoid. He told me that was the common American, not necessarily a true American. Had I not talked to him, this essay would have ended up being me complaining about the lazy, stupid Americans.

To me, a true American is naturally good natured. The kind of person that wouldnít hesitate to help a person in need. I donít visualize a true American living in a big city, but a small town instead. If this person lived in a big city, they would be quickly corrupted with the lifestyle of a busy city. The would also be more exposed to the assholes that run around the streets at all times of the day. Through all this, their care free, sweet hearts would be tarnished, and they would have second thoughts on most things they would usually do almost automatically.

But their is more to a true American than that. To me, a true American has his heart set on one football team, and one baseball team. One only. Their faith in various other things has carried over into sports. While watching his team be crushed by the Yankees, his choice of beverage is beer. Good old beer. But not too much, because this American is too disciplined to be an alcoholic.

Smoking is often thrown in the same category as drinking, because both arenít good for your health is taken in excess. This guy Iím talking about doesnít smoke cigarettes, because he is not willing to become a victim of whatever else is put into his cigarettes that he doesnít want. So he smokes the occasional cigar while reading a book or getting some fresh air.

This true American isnít in his twenties or thirties... heís in his early eighties, and heís fought for his country when it was needed, most likely in the second world war. The war has made this man wise. He knows that swearing only shows signs of weakness or instability. But no matter how wise he is, he sticks with the same party every time he goes into a voting booth, because he is faithful.

As for family, he is still married, and his wife has never been happier. He has three or four kids that have moved away and gotten married. He rarely speaks to his children anymore. This guy also has a Golden Retriever, Scout, who is more loyal to him than fish are to water.

And thatís my idea of a true American.

10:42 p.m. - Monday, Sept. 22, 2003


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