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The first Cross Country meet for me was this morning, being Saturday the 20th. I had to wake up at 6 in the AM. Devastating. I got to Whitney almost right at 6:45, which was when the bus was supposed to leave. The bus left a little bit after 7, I think. We got there kinda around 8. "There" was the Dan Ryan woods, or whatever they're called. Bull Frog Lake, actually. I thought I was gonna run around 9 o'clock. I didn't. Frosh-Soph did. I'm not part of that group cuz they've been in other runs before. So I ended up having to wait until 11:20 to run. At 11:20, the two other guys were stretching, and I was in the bathroom draining some excess waste. When I got back, I stretched for a minute, until one of the guys realized we were supposed to be running in the race that had just started. 3 minutes from then, another racem the girls version of the one that we had missed, was going to start. We took our warm-up things off(the bright orange ones), and ran down. We were almost to the starting line when that race started. (These past two races were 5 minutes apart). We hopped in, and off we went. It was tough, and during the beginning I was telling myself I wasn't gonna make it all the way, and that I was going to stop before the big hill near the end. I got away from those thoughts, and kept running. The only awkward part of running with all those girls was that the people on the sidelines were all like "Come On Girls, YOU CAN DO IT!", and I would just nod my head and be like "Gee, thanks". Once I caught myself saying it outloud. Throughout the race, I sang The Sweater Song in my head, just the intro, to try to pace myself. I'm not a big fan of that song anymore. By the time I got to the big hill, I was kinda tired. The hill wasn't tough... the run, which was partly downhill after the mountain, was tough. There were a lot of Ignatius girls there. I should've asked if they knew Danny or Zach. Speaking of Danny, his Mom now works in Omaha, Nebraska and comes home on weekends. Now Danny has to be home early on weekend nights to see her. I would hate that. That's my story.

12:29 a.m. - Sunday, Sept. 21, 2003


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