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6/10/2000 Blink 182
w/ Bad Religion, Fenix TX
@ New World Music Theater

5/4/2002 Mest
w/ Something Corporate
behind a bank on Clybourn...

3/9/2002 John Mayer
In-Store at Crow's Nest

3/30/2002 Lawrence Arms
w/ Yellowcard, The Starting Line, Colossal
@ Fireside

8/3/02 Jimmy Eat World
w/ The Promise Ring, Recover
@ Rave/Eagles Ballroom

8/4/2002 Jimmy Eat World
In-Store at Crow's Nest

8/9/02 Less Than Jake
w/ Sugarcult, Lucky Boys Confusion, Jettingham, Amazing Trasparent Man, The Reunion Show, Yellowcard, The Stereo, Slick Shoes, Logan's Loss, Teen Idols, Whippersnapper
@ Davis Park, Rockford

8/19/2002 Riddlin' Kids
w/ Gelheads, The Cells
@ House of Blues

9/15/2002 The Red Hot Valentines
w/ Mates of State, Victory at Sea
@ Fireside

9/20/2002 Midtown
w/ Recover, The Reunion Show
@ Metro

9/27/2002 The Stereo
w/ Motion City Soundtrack, The People
@ Fireside

10/12/02 Good Charlotte
In-Store at Tower Records Schaumberg

10/15/2002 Ultimate Fakebook
w/ Spitalfield, End Transmission, Like Young
@ Fireside

10/19/2002 Dashboard Confessional
w/ Hot Rod Circuit, LouderMilk, Rhett Miller
@ Congress Theater

10/21/2002 New Found Glory
w/ Further Seems Forever, Finch
@ House of Blues

10/31/2002 Alkaline Trio
Lawrence Arms, Colossal
@ Metro

11/1/2002 Alkaline Trio
w/ The Donnas, Lawrence Arms
@ Metro

11/30/2002 The Red Hot Valentines
w/ The Dog and Everything
@ Lakeview Links

12/1/2002 Saves The Day
w/ Kind of Like Spitting, Ash
@ Congress Theater

12/15/2002 Twisted 9
w/ Jimmy Eat World, Local H, Public Enemy
@ Allstate Arena

12/18/2002 Taking Back Sunday
w/ the Starting Line, Northstar
@ Metro

1/2/2003 The Red Hot Valentines
w/ Absinthe Blind, Everybody Uh Oh, The Blackouts
@ Fireside

1/19/2003 The Get Up Kids
w/ Dan Andriano, Coheed and Cambria
@ House of Blues

1/26/03 Reality Rock Show
w/ Hot Water Music, Hey Mercedes, The Ghost, The Exit, Solea
@ Metro

2/4/2003 The Juliana Theory
In-Store at Tower Records

2/6/03 Allister
w/ Motion City Soundtrack, Spitalfield, August Premier
@ Metro

2/8/03 Northstar
w/ A Beautiful Mistake, Glasseater
@ Fireside

2/16/03 The Red Hot Valentines
@ Fireside

3/14/03 Hot Rod Circuit
w/ Plain White T's, Tsunami Bomb
@ Metro

3/23/03 The Movielife
w/ One Line Drawing
@ House of Blues

4/26/03 Bad Religion
w/ The Casualities
@ the Vic

5/2/03 Duvall
w/ The Red Hot Valentines, Catfish Haven
@ Fireside

5/14/03 Alkaline Trio
In-Store at Tower Records

5/15/03 Alkaline Trio
w/ Pretty Girls Make Graves, Pitch Black
@ Riviera

5/24/03 Alkaline Trio
w/ Pretty Girls Make Graves, Pitch Black
@ 9:30 Club

6/12/03 Spitalfield
w/ The Red Hot Valentines, 504 Plan, Divide By Zero
@ Metro

6/26/03 The Movielife
w/ Further Seems Forever, Autopilot Off, Anberlin
@ House of Blues

7/2/03 Brand New
w/ Moneen, The Beautiful Mistake and Senses Fail
@ Metro

7/19/03 Eve 6

@ Clark and Sheffield Fest

8/22/03 The Stereo
w/ Duvall, the Rocket Summer, the Format
@ Bottom Lounge

9/4/03 Red Hot Valentines
w/ The University, Junior Varsity, Midwest Blue
@ Metro

9/28/03 The Weakerthans
w/ The Constantines, Roy
@ Bottom Lounge

10/30/03 Alkaline Trio
w/ Reggie and the Full Effect, From Autumn To Ashes, No Motiv
@ Aragon

11/6/03 Less Than Jake
w/ Yellowcard, Fallout Boy, Punchline
@ Riviera

12/5/03 Motion City Soundtrack
w/ Red Hot Valentines, Jamesonparker, Attention
@ Bottom Lounge

4/15/04 Death Cab for Cutie
w/ Ben Kweller
@ The Vic

4/21/04 Plea for Peace
w/ Cursive, Pelican, Mike Park
@ Metro

4/24/04 Northstar
w/ .moneen., The Fight, Park
@ Fireside

5/5/04 Midtown
w/ Armor for Sleep, Your Enemies Friends
@ Bottom Lounge

6/19/04 The Shins
w/ Rogue Wave, Calexico
@ House of Blues

7/24/04 Warped Tour
Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, Yellowcard, Allister, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, New Found Glory
@ Tweeter Center

8/1/04 Tsunami Bomb
w/ The Lawrence Arms, Pipedown, Scattered Fall
@ Metro

8/14/04 Q101 Block Party
w/ Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, The Walkmen
@ New City YMCA

9/2/04 Jimmy Eat World
w/ Paris, Tx
@ Metro

10/8/04 The Lawrence Arms
w/ Colossal, Lou Gehrig's Disease
@ Norris - Northwestern

10/15/04 Explosions in the Sky
w/ Adem, The Motion
@ Logan Square Auditorium

10/18/04 Bob Nanna/City on Film
w/ Novi
@ Reckless Records(Broadway)

w/ Steel train, An Angle, Socratic
@ Logan Square Auditorium

10/27/04 Straylight Run
w/ Hot Rod Circuit, Northstar, Say Anything
@ Metro

11/3/04 The Weakerthans
w/ Piebald, The Fembots, The High Strung
@Logan Square Auditorium

4/23/05 Hey Mercedes
w/ This Is Me Smiling, The Junior Varsity, June
@ Metro

5/4/05 Weezer
@ Aragon

6/9/05 The Get Up Kids
@ Metro

6/11/05 The Lawrence Arms
w/ Cory Brannan, The Honorary Title
@ Bottom Lounge

6/12/05 The Lawrence Arms
w/ Light, A Wilhelm Scream, The Methadones
@ Bottom Lounge

1:11 a.m. - Monday, Jan. 20, 2003


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