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Should I go to Columbia, in New York City

My name is Scott Brehman and I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois by two unhappily married adults of near-opposite backgrounds. I idolized my brother, John, without even knowing him. In 6th grade I came across www.diaryland.com, which John was a member of, apparently. Within days I had started my own and ever since I have been keeping at least one, updating consistently. I am currently taking two English classes without such a requirement being mandated.

I have been physically active longer than I can remember anything else. From kindergarten to 8th grade I played in numerous leagues hosting sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, golf, and tennis. I ran cross country in my sophomore year at Whitney Young as well.

I didnít get into too many extracurricular activities that didnít pertain to sports until I learned to play guitar during the summer before freshman year. I made a band with three other friends soon after I started learning which forced me to become decent faster than I would have otherwise. I took guitar as a class last year and still play it regularly.
Art, like music, caught my attention at an early age. I took several classes at the Lill Street Gallery here in Chicago before it closed. I completed the necessary credit in art during my freshman year but I decided to take video production this year. It is one of my favorite classes to go to every day and I plan on taking another art class next year.

As for clubs, I was briefly involved with the Hacky Sack Club in the beginning of my first year in high school but I didnít stick with it because of other commitments. Last year, though, I was voted Secretary of the Seinfeld Club by the other members of the club.

Whitney Young really made everything I took part in a possibility, which most people take for granted. Along with Whitney Young, I was accepted into the Lincoln Park Baccalaureate Program and Jones College Prep, two of Chicagoís most highly regarded high schools. I chose Whitney for its atmosphere over its academics. I was well-aware that Whitney Young is known as one of the best schools in the country, but from taking a look myself I knew it was more diverse than all the other schools I looked at.

This year is shaping up to be my best year of high school yet. Along with a comfortable schedule with trustworthy and helpful teachers, I am balancing a job at Whole Foods Market that has me working close to full-time every week. I find myself in a better position to get homework done when I am only given a certain amount of time. Iím also saving up money to decrease the financial burden that my going to college potentially places on my family.

Lately, aside from school, I have been paying close attention to the upcoming election. Although never objectively, I really get both sides of each story with my Father being a Republican and my mother being a Democrat. I realize that I can not vote, but Iím still pulling for Kerry. I donít agree with him on everything but I think heís more logical than George Bush. I really think that a woman, if not several women, should make the final ruling over abortion laws, considering that women give birth more often. The Republicans, and lots of people in general, argue that same-sex relations or marriage isnít natural, which confuses me to no end. The world will not get any better without change, and what good is change if it goes repressed or unrecognized? Of course itís natural for two members of the same sex to fall in love; itís even been known in other animals.

Thatís enough about politics, though. Bringing up Ďthe war in Iraqí in any conversation will only drag it on unnecessarily long. Once I am done with my career as a student I plan on living as a writer, possibly having to do with journalism, or as a musician. I am very eager to see what lies ahead of me and I hope I can commit to four years the Big Apple.

7:46 p.m. - Thursday, Sept. 30, 2004


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