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I'm not innocent. Declaring my own guilt doesn't disqualify my innocence, on the other hand. Oh, I'm talking about finding one formula and sticking to it. But things and times change. Monday Night Football is no longer the shit-- Sunday Night Football has taken the cake. Cigarette smoking is becoming less and less of a positive fashion statement.
Change is the only constant, as it's been said. What I'm getting at is this:
It was cute when the Beatles are acid and made music.
It was cool when Hunter Thompson did every drug imaginable, often at once, and wrote about it.
It was hip to smoke a joint while listening to Bob Marley.
Here's what I'm really getting at: As lame as it sounds, I think America needs to admit it has a drug problem. The hippies were cool and they thought they were getting something done. Maybe they were. Right now, though, I see people drinking and getting high to avoid their lives, their jobs, their dilemmas-- yet I still hear songs condoning and parading drug use and abuse. I'm no historian in regard to contemporary music, but I'd say that this trend started with Sublime. 40 Oz. to Freedom? Smoke Two Joints? It's gotten to the point that the mere mention of a beer or a bong will make the song a sing-a-long. I think it's lame. I think it was Neil Young(wow, almost typed "Neil Diamond") who said that the current generation has no powerful "revolutionary(might not be the word he used)" music. Green Day sold a whole lot of American Idiot but I don't think people understood whatever point they were trying to make.
Who are the celebrities that are getting the most publicity? Michael "big dog" Vick tests positive for marijuana. Paris Hilton caught trying to control car while coked out. All the coolest rappers rap about smoking blunts all day-- it doesn't take success to smoke blunts all day; look out your window.
I think it's lame how people abuse drugs and alcohol. Alright, go through an experimental stage-- but those of you in your twenties getting plastered as the highest form of recreational activity? Come on now, that's pathetic.
There's a part in Dostoevsky's The Idiot where Prince Myshkin is explaining his relationship with the kids that he had befriended back in Switzerland. He was much older than them, but the kids grew to love him and he them. At one point, he said that kids can understand anything. Basically, he was saying that if you can't show a kid something, how can you do it? I understand that a kid won't understand taxes, but I was thinking more along the lines of, say, drinking: why are kids "scarred" by seeing their father drunk? What's the deep secret they can't understand? That their dad and many other morons prefer drinking themselves stupid as opposed to the good wholesome fun their kids are taught to appreciate? I don't get it. All I get is that alcohol and coke and weed and cigarettes are addictive... But come on. Addictions aren't impossible to break-- why don't people wake up? This is driving me insane. Am I crazy for thinking that lots of the minds worth thinking are being thrown away because they jumped to the conclusion that life isn't worth remembering? Or are they just caught up in one shallow form of enjoyment?

On a third hand, how do you court a girl who's already found you interesting once before? More importantly, how do I? I feel lame but I think the first time was premature. I've got two girls in two eyes and I'm determined to be determined next time I settle down. I've made some big strides in bettering myself according to the standards I hold for myself. My personality, as far as substances go, is somewhat addictive-- right now it's being manifested in coffee. I'm okay with that but it's something I'd like to deal with next time I have a sizable break from school. I'd like to find more time to run(and hopefully tackle the marathon next year).

12:54 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 08, 2007


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