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This feels like the confusion that used to frequent my mind back in those prepubescent days when nothing seemed to make much sense. Thanks to advancements technology like automobiles and telecommunication, Kevin was able to hitch a ride with his roommate to Champaign-Urbana. Upon a variety of circumstances that, variably speaking, could've gone in several separate directions, he happened to figuratively stumble upon some news he thought I should know. From there, I was informed via telecommunication.
Many questions started formulating inside my mind. Is Mindy that pitiful? or was this out of spite? Was Dick that desperate? or does he secretly loathe everything about my very existence? I've ruled out the possibility that it was genuine affection; I associate with many persons who choose to actively engage their minds, and ulterior motives are often the consequence. They were familiar with each other, and in the forefront of their minds I'd assume they were aware of their relationship to me. Mindy had nothing to lose. Dick? He had(well, has) a friendship at risk. Did that risk raise the stakes for him?
I don't care for Mindy much at all. But Dick? He, on the other hand, hasn't plagiarized his life. He has actual interests, recognizes unique qualities, and genuinely isn't a scumbag(until those ulterior motives come around).
To a certain extent, I'll let this slide. I know I won't actually, though. Subconsciously, I'll always be skeptical of Dick. I won't confide in him for matters involving girls, and I'll be hesitant to introducing him to future girlfriends. Furthermore, I think, from here on, I'll be more interested in what he isn't telling me.

2:11 a.m. - Saturday, Sept. 08, 2007


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