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When tomorrow gets here where will yesterday be?

Life is lived in moments

I just walked home from Danny's house, and that was one moment. I took a swig from the Dr. Pepper in my fridge-- that was another moment.
But picture your entire life as one moment amongst the billions of other lives taking place as I write. Think of how significant each and every moment is(not very), and that's how, chances are, significant your life is.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Micahel Jordan, John F. Kennedy-- it's just a matter of time before these names are forgotten. Sooner or later, another revolution will come along in America, thus outdating past heroes. Records are meant to be broken, as it's been said-- and with new record-setters comes a new generation of legends. My point being that nothing is timeless.

God is Humanity

Picture an individual person as an extremely small portion of a body part. Every human is a part of humanity, obviously, but not one person can embody all aspects of humanity without endless contradictions being the result. It'd be a paradox(which is kind of redundant to state).
I, for instance, could be a toe. Sure, this envisioned body could survive without me.. but it wouldn't be the same-- and that goes for every body part(therefore incorporating every human). Every physical feature of this body is represented by an "individual," because this body represents humanity.
That's where the idea of an "Almighty God" comes into place. God, on this idealogical body, would be the mind.
To me, my vision and my mind make up everything about me. My head is a cockpit and my appendages are just things.. not necessarily significant. I look out of my eyes at everything, and form thoughts, based on visuals, with my mind. My head is my control tower-- but my skull has nothing to do with that.
Do you see what I'm getting at?
My mind is not material, thus, to me, it is an idea.
I believe it is in the Buddhist belief system that it is encouraged to strive for more participation than to simply be a body part(in this particular syntax). Individual body parts feel pain just as well as they feel pleasure-- but is the mind damaged by a scraped elbow or a broken leg? I may have interpretted it wrong, but to me it was presented as such: merge into the "eye" or "mind" of society. pain and pleasure are brought on by selfishness and will not play a positive part in achieving inner peace. realizing that you are part of a whole(as opposed to society's stress on individualism) will guide you towards said inner peace.
What I'm taking from all this is that we are all minds. We are not the bodies we show off, because bodies are generally the same. The kid wearing flood pants is no different than the kid sporting fashionable pants because pants are pants are pants. People are generally born with two ears, a nose, some lips-- finding differences amongst personal appearance or "material worth" is only a desperate attempt at self-gratification.
Knowing that the mind can grant you power is the best thing.

4:23 a.m. - Saturday, Jul. 30, 2005


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