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Chicago at Night (Part 2)

I grabbed a hoodie and we both grabbed our bikes. Nine years of my schooling, my life, stood four stories above its' playground, and we were within five minutes by bike.

Danny sat across from Allie, but Chris was in range of sneaking in a kiss; Neil was sitting a few feet from the real acton. Aaron and I got there just in time to run an obstical course, which basically consisted of getting through all the new playground equiptment that I had never seen before, versus Danny and Neil. My favorite slide was gone and there were green barriers everywhere making entrances and exits narrower. Is all this necessary? I met good people and had plently of good times with bridges that broke and slides that could barely stand their ground. None of this was familiar to me. It was different. Danny beat me, and I hate him for it.

As quickly as we had gotten there, and seen our friends sitting on their asses talking about something even irrelevant at the time, we were alone together again.

Neil ran back to give us a beer that they had found. I was supposed to give it to Zach to help make up for the six that Danny took from Zach, through me, but I had my eyes on downing it.

Aaron and I made a pit-stop in the alley off Orchard, bordering the school. Aaron expelled some urine onto the buildings side, but I peed with emotion. It would've looked as normal as it could have to anybody watching, if that makes sense, but I felt the difference. Passion-- or something.

With the beer safely tucked into my hoodie's pouch, we were off to catch up to the crew. half of our way down Webster, Chris broke off to walk Allie home. Danny kept riding while Aaron and I kept back a little.

"We will catch up to him!" I proclaimed, and we were off. I could feel the Corona slipping from my pouch, so I slowed to adjust it in front of Charlie's Ale House. The fall beat my hand and the beer had soon adjusted to it's new home on the sidewalk in front of the crowded Bar and Grill.

"Bikes [get back here]!"They gave a little chase, knowing they had no chance. Danny was gone.

now, for an ending that took me no time to write...

Things are going great: my hands are sore as hell from biking 6 hours last night with Aaron and Danny. We hit Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, River East, North Avenue Beach, Oz Park... yeah basically everywhere. We had a list of "missions", like...

1. wash our bikes at a gas station
2. buy cigarettes from an Indian guy.
3. give the Cowardly Lion a nice pat on the ass

Yeah, really random at times. It was a good night. We had a "shmoke 'n a berr" beforehand. Good deal. Oh, we also hit the conservatory on the way home.

I woke up at 2:43, expecting to be sore, but I was surprised: my hands were sore(no surprise), and my left cheak of my "seat" was also.

"Wait, I wasn't sitting on that!"

Yeah, turns out it's a big-assed(pun may be intended) mosquito bite. It isn't even the kind that's good for scratching, it just hurts.

2:40 a.m. - Friday, Aug. 6, 2004


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