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This Is Why Music Isn't About Money

I hate having mixed emotions about almost everything. Music, especially. I mean yeah, contemplating anything music-based almost always makes for a good time, but sometimes I don't know how to sort things out in my head. Most rational people agree that there is no right kind of music, kind of like the way there is no proven religion.

Lots of people agree that Simple Plan is the wrong kind of music. It's the kind of music that isn't anything until it's recorded in a top-notch studio, then engineered and mixed by some over-priced asshole who adds little effects to make the singers voice not suck, thus making, somehow, just one or two songs out of twelve tracks, that sound exactly the same, radio-worthy. You know those kids only make music for the paycheck and the massive amounts of ass they get. It's sick that bands who are so much better, like Jimmy Eat World or Cursive, have to see Simple Plan become millionaires before heading out on their first tour. That's why so many bands don't want to get the huge record deal, especially right away. But after thinking about all that, what's wrong with listening to pop-punk? Sure, it is ridiculously stupid, but you can find stupid things about most music out there.

A good thing that the not-so-big-but-so-much-better bands don't have is the over-exposure of the single on their latest album. The Simple Plan fans I have met are the kind of people that will put in a cd, listen to track 3 and track 7, then put something else in. So not only does Simple Plan make more money than most respectable bands, they really only need to write 2 or 3 songs each time they're asked to put out a record. The could fill the rest of their album with Blondie and nobody would notice. It's ridiculous.

4:52 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2004


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