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and I haven't slept, since I met you.


The most honest moment in a man's life is the five minutes after he's blown a load. That's a medical fact. And it's because you're no longer trying to get laid. You're actually thinking like a girl. They love that.


Jesus Christ you're right.

Ok, really, I'd say I'm most honest when I'm completely exhausted but intent on staying up longer. I have done my favorite writing like this. Last night (which was this morning depending on when you slept), around 2 in the AM, Mike and Aaron and I went to Clarke's for coffee. We came back to my house about 45 minutes later and talked politics on my front steps for about another half hour. That really doesn't show how much more honest I am, but I could feel my mind more open and free to let out whatever it wanted. I would only confess to murder under such a situation. But really, thanks to the internet, I have met many more people because of not sleeping when I should.

I'm afraid to wake up so I won't

Jamie Woolford knows me too well, even through just one meeting between us two. Sure, he didn't write his songs about me, but I can fit the descriptions when I want to. Day time does nothing for me. I absolutely can not wait until it is socially acceptable to live nocturnally. I will for a few days this summer, but probably only if I'm not alone on it. Chicago at night, like the song, is so.. hard to describe? The people walking around alone are usually there for the same reason I will be: to escape loneliness through converses with anyone else misguided or frustrated enough to be out walking at such a random hour.

I'm a drunk with a job, I've got the pictures to prove it

I'll tell ya, Dave Attell has the best job out there.

2:21 p.m. - Monday, Jun. 28, 2004


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