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Synopsis? Lame?

Tonight was not what I expected... at all. After school I hung out at Micah's with Karen and Grace. They are so cool that I think I'd just keel over and die without them. Sagan also, of course, but it sucked because she couldn't come. Anyways, we actually went to my place first to mess around with ping pong and pool. My pool table is one of those ones built for kids, so it's tiny and easier than normal. Micah beat me in ping pong because he says my move isn't legal. I call bullshit. Is it legal to hit the ball before it lands? I think so, pal. Anyways, then Micah and I played pool, while the other two disappeared. I beat him the first time, but I don't recall the winner of game 2. We then proceeded to go hit golfballs with the infamous baseball bat of mine. Why is it infamous? Because I just made that part up. I lost my ball... that part sucked. Then on to Micah's, to his room to hang out and be dumb kids.

OK, OK, enough of my synopsis of a night that you can just ask me about. An evening, actually. Better yet, and afternoon. They left around 6, and I a little after 10. I talked with Rose about Alkaline Trio disappointing me on Letterman(sucks!) tonight. Mr. Matt sounded like he was trying to be Joey Ramone, and he looked utterly plastered. Isn't he too old for that type of thing? I also talked to Mindy about some stuff, like Lincoln, and the kids I used to see every day. That everyday thing lasted only like 9 years, without summers. I can't believe I don't see any of them anymore. Not consistantly, anyways. Mindy's equally as cool as anybody, with the exception that we've probably never had a conversation off-line, and that the ones online are usually brief and lame, rarely extending past the "What's up?", "Not much" part. I should go do a wash right now, then go to bed. I've been lacking sleep lately, and tonight isn't looking to help. Winter Break will save me! And New Years' is up in the air, so fight over me! No, really, don't. I'd just get grumpy then.

1:44 a.m. - Saturday, Dec. 13, 2003


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